We are a collective of artists who believe trauma, no matter how big or small, to the physical body is deeply important to acknowledge during the mental recovery process. Frustrated with so much media coverage and articles revolved around injury prevention for movement artists and dancers, we decided it was time to talk about the stages after the fall.
We know injury is inevitable. Your body is your instrument, and something usually goes wrong. Maybe even something as scary as surgery. We have tips, tricks, remedies, stories, advice, questions, and answers for your time of regeneration.
The founders and contributors here at Fixed aim to create the content you need to stay relevant, imaginative, and motivated in your chosen art form during rehabilitation.

The physicality of our body can house historical and emotional settings. Once we combine the head and the heart into a single recovery practice can we experience our sensibilities as a single landscape of human connectedness
— founder, Grace Courvoisier